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Hoover & Associates, Inc. serves clients in Colorado Springs, CO, and throughout the surrounding areas. Our tax, payroll, estate planning, and other accounting services are delivered promptly, thoroughly, and with great skill. Clients may view their financial documents at any time through our exclusive, secure client portal. Call 719-597-4646 to find the peace of mind that comes with entrusting your accounting to professionals.

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Tax Services

Our comprehensive tax services are available to both individuals and small businesses. More than half of individuals in the US use tax preparation services. In a limited study conducted by the US Government Accountability Office, there were significant, serious errors in taxes completed by chain preparers. Contact us for personal, expert tax services.

Tax Preparation

  • Individual
  • Estate & Trust
  • Nonprofit
  • Corporate
  • Partnerships
  • LLC

Tax Planning

  • Grow & Preserve Assets
  • Defer Income
  • Reduce Taxes

Tax Problems

  • Non-Filed Tax Returns
  • Payroll Tax Problems
What is the difference between a CPA and an accountant?
An Accountant without a CPA certification may prepare a proper tax return, but a CPA offers distinct advantages to clients that non-CPAs cannot provide. First, many CPAs are more knowledgeable in tax code as a result of rigorous CPA licensing examination and continuing education requirements. Also a CPA can prepare audited, reviewed, and complied financial statements that an Accountant without a CPA license cannot do.
I made a mistake on my tax return. What should I do?
You need to find a tax professional who can help you file an amended return.
How long should I keep my financial records?
Generally you should keep records for 7 years although some documents should be kept permanently.
Do you offer business tax services?
Yes – we offer a wide range of business tax services including payroll services, sales tax services, consulting, & income tax services.
Do I need a bookkeeper or accountant for my business?
Depending on your time and accounting knowledge, you may need both. A bookkeeper to handle your day to day financial transactions and an accountant for your tax planning and filing needs.
How do I save on my taxes?
A tax professional can provide you with tax planning services to help you minimize your tax liability as much as possible.

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Business Services

As a business owner, you have many responsibilities. Leave the finances to us. Focus on running your business, and we will keep your books and more!

Small Business Accounting

  • Reconcile Bank Accounts
  • Generate Income Statements
  • Generate Balance Sheets
  • Maintain a Clean Ledger

QuickBooks Services

  • Setup
  • Training
  • Tuneup


  • Customized to Your Needs

Reviews and Compilations

Cash Flow Management

Help Obtaining Lines of Credit
Cash Collection Acceleration
Collection Policies
Payment Policies
Maximum Return on Idle Cash

Succession Planning

New Business Formation

Determine Startup Capital Needs
Prepare Financial Analysis
Prepare Cashflow Budget
File for State & Local Permits

Nonprofit Organizations

Review & Compile Financial Statements
Payroll Preparation
Prepare Startup Documentation

Services for Individuals

In addition to general accounting services, including tax preparation, we provide individuals with estate planning and elder care plans and services. Estate planning ensures that your assets are distributed in the way you want. Eldercare provides financial stability for the needs that may come with aging. Our CPAs will assist you with planning for the future.

Estate Planning

  • Evaluate Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, etc.
  • Estate & Trust Taxes

    You will work with attorneys for the following, not us:

  • Arrange for Management of Estate
  • Transfer Assets to Heirs per Your Wishes
  • Organize Estate Liquidation
  • Amend as Needed
  • Living Wills & Trusts
  • Lifetime Wealth Transfers
  • Family Partnerships
    Charitable Contributions

Elder Care

  • Pay Household Bills
  • Budgeting
  • Recordkeeping
  • Review Finances
  • Determine Cashflow Needs
  • Address Issues with SS, Medicare, etc.
  • Business Payroll
  • Customize to Your Needs
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